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Hi, I’m Michael Kaff, Gold Coast-based Independent Candidate for McPherson (Southern Gold Coast) at the next Federal Election and here is a link to my policies page.

About me…

Before I tell you who I am, let me tell you who I am NOT…

I am NOT a career politician.

I am NOT linked to a political Party and therefore I am NOT subject to manipulation or influence by factions, groups or party politics.

I do NOT tolerate insincerity, dishonesty, manipulation or the use, abuse or disrespect of others to get what you want.

I AM educated, experienced, mature-aged, professional, very down-to-earth, a proud parent of two adult boys and someone who wants to give back and help make a positive difference without bias or agenda.

My history…

High School, Army Cadets and sport: I attended Fort Street Boys High School (Sydney) and followed my passion for the military by joining the Army Cadets where I achieved the rank of Senior CUO (Officer). I played Rugby Union for the school and Western Suburbs juniors, later focussing on competitive squash, which I still play socially to this day. I learned discipline, leadership, fairness and teamwork, which I utilise and pass on at every opportunity.

Tax accountant, business and personal mentor: My first job was with Chartered Accountancy firms as a trainee auditor and later, tax accountant. I gained a Bachelor of Business (Accounting) degree at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS). I then started my own tax accounting practice at Harbord (Sydney), initially working on my own (micro-business) and over time employing 7 people. Clients came from all walks of life and income levels, from Individuals to Companies. I mentored and trained people on how to manage and grow a successful business whilst maintaining balance with their social and family lives. It’s never all about work!

My time as a small business owner and advisor gave me further insight into business management, finances, taxation, budgeting and entrepreneurship. Many wonderful people came into my practice. Respect, integrity and honesty allowed me to gain great insight into their businesses, lives and dreams. I was put in a position of great responsibility and confidentiality, which I very much enjoyed. After a few years I stopped advertising as word-of-mouth continued to grow my practice. You know you’re doing the right thing when that happens!

Army Reserve Officer: When I turned 30 I joined the Army Reserves and trained to become an Officer (Lieutenant) and acting Captain. This was an experience I will always treasure. It helped increase my management, leadership and team skills. When I enlisted I was competing with much younger trainees in their 20s, which was a challenge. The Army taught me how to persevere through and go way beyond what I believed to be my limits. You never know what you can achieve until you push yourself!

“You never know what you can achieve until you push yourself”

Trainer/teacher: I moved to business training, became a full-time Management and Accounting teacher at TAFE NSW, gaining a Graduate Diploma in Technical Education at UTS and later a Cert IV in Training and Assessment, which is continually upgraded.

I coordinated, ran and taught on many courses, including Retail, Small Business and Music of all things, but specialised in Small Business Management and Accounting, where I helped many start-ups and existing business owners.

Sole parent: I moved to the Gold Coast as a sole parent with my two young sons in early 2005. There was not much work around. Times were financially tough. I had trouble finding employment and providing for my boys. It was also very difficult being a mature-aged worker and it is still very tough for older workers to this day.

Helping Baby Boomers: I started a training business, under NEIS (New Enterprise Incentive Scheme), helping Baby Boomer job seekers and others to prepare for work, regain confidence and raise their self-esteem. I thought I was just helping older workers prepare for a job, but I quickly realised they needed personal help and support in addition to job seeking skills. This course had close to 100% attendance rate, which is unheard of for such courses. I believe that if you respect and look after people, unconditionally, they will believe in themselves and in turn, give back. See my Baby Boomer page for more insight.

Stage performance and screenwriting: Music, performance and singing have always been a huge part of my family, with my older brother and sister-in-law being professional singers/entertainers. I naturally wanted to follow suit. I gained principal roles in various amateur stage productions and later co-wrote a TV sitcom and movie screenplay. We filmed the pilot of the sitcom, in which I acted in a lead role. Interest in film and television now extends to my son, an award-winning cinematographer/film-maker.

“…if you respect and look after people, unconditionally, they will believe in themselves and in turn, give back”

Current day: My sons are now independent adults and doing well. One has his own media business and the other is a travel advisor…..and I am a very proud dad!

I currently train start-up small business entrepreneurs through NEIS. Previously I taught business, accounting and management courses to domestic and international students. I love finding out about other cultures, traditions and religions, including the truth about the more controversial religions and governments.

My Greek heritage: I am Australian born, of Greek descent, which helps me to understand and relate to the difficulties experienced by the migrant population. My four grandparents were predominantly from Kastellorizo, a small Greek island (3) and Athens (1).

PS: No, I am not a Greek/Australian dual-citizen. I checked!

Giving back: When I first started out on my own as an accountant, one practitioner offered his facilities to me saying “as long as you do my work first, you can use my office facilities to run your business and build your clientele”. I asked him why he was being so generous? He said that someone once did the same for him when he was starting out. So you see, what you give out comes back to you. I have always followed that philosophy!

You can help me make a real difference: I am constantly asking for feedback, information and input to help me keep updated on community views, changes and events that affect you and Australians generally. You see, I can’t be everywhere and know everything. If I am to truly represent you in Federal Parliament, I need you to advise me of matters that concern you and how can I help and support you.

So please leave helpful and informative comments, information and updates on my Facebook page (see below) so that we can fight the good fight together.

Also, if you would like to contribute towards building a pathway so that others can follow me into Federal Parliament, please contact me at to volunteer and/or make a tax-deductible donation by clicking the DONATE button above.

Election campaigns are involved and expensive….and I can’t do this alone.

Thank you!


“…what you give out comes back to you. I have always followed that philosophy”

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