Under federal law it is compulsory for all eligible Australians  to vote.

You are eligible to enrol if you:

  • are an Australian citizen, or eligible British subject,
  • aged 18 years and over, and
  • have lived at your address for at least one month.

*Don’t wait until you have turned 18 years old before registering to vote.  You can pre-register once you are past the age of 16 so that you will be eligible as soon as you become 18 years old.

The Australian Electoral Commission coordinates registration of voters.

To enrol online as an Australian voter, click here.

If you have questions about your eligibility for voting or how elections are conducted, visit this section of the AEC site.

For those who don’t read English, this section of the AEC site can be viewed in other languages.  You need only select the appropriate language in the box at the bottom right hand corner of the screen: –