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A moment in my classroom


I'm a Business Trainer now-a-days and this is my usual workplace!

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As an Independent Senator I will not be bound to vote for policy imposed by any fixed Party policy, pressure groups or factions. My intention is to represent what I consider to be in the best interests of Gold Coasters and Queenslanders.

On this site you will find, in brief, the stance I have now on issues that appear to concern all Australians but particularly Queenslanders.

Please understand that because I intend to LISTEN with an open mind to as wide a cross-section of the community as I can, I do expect that, on some issues, I may be persuaded that an alternative stance is more appropriate than the one I have now.

Also, as situations change and if the present policies become inadequate or are no longer applicable or appropriate I will consider the options available.

I will constantly seek your input and feedback as I am here to represent you and use this input to form positions and make decisions that best serve the electorate of Queensland and Australia as a whole.

If I do take a significant or alternative view on any issue, that new stance and reasoning will be reflected here.

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Cultural Values


Australia *Is* a multi-cultural society. We are also a relatively successful one, more so than might be readily evident if one considers only the much publicised events of intolerance, hate crimes, prejudice and xenophobia.

Our mix of cultures is important in that it enriches our nation and will, ideally be embraced as an opportunity to make us stronger.

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The Arts


“The Arts” has varied meaning for different people. To some, it suggests activities and forms of expression that are “high-brow” and too difficult for the average person to appreciate, as well as often too costly for them to afford. To others, the Arts involve all forms of creative expression and include the activities of the amateur potter or playwright through to the most exceptional of painters, poets, singers, actors and the like.

In my view, the Arts are for everyone and are essential because they shine a light on humanity and the joys and despairs of life itself. Art infuses our society at all levels and is not just about entertainment but affects the aesthetics of industrial design, architecture, urban planning and every other aspects of our society.

The Arts should and must form part of our education and help to raise the creativity and culture of our society.

You see, the Arts are not just a form of weekend entertainment. The Arts are the basis for who we are as humans, our culture, our entertainment, our means of expression, our solace in times of struggle and misfortune, our inspiration and so much more.

When we examine our history and various civilisations, the Arts stands out as a means to gaining insight into the peoples of the past, their behaviours, beliefs, life-style and culture. The Arts have obviously been an essential part of our history and evolution, so why do governments give the Arts such a low priority when they allocate funds and resources?

The Arts can help to heal, nurture and grow a balanced and productive society. So don't the Arts deserve to be a priority for government and not just an after thought?

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Welcome – Thank you for visiting.



I’m Michael Kaff and I am an independent candidate for the Federal Senate, on behalf of Queensland, in the next Federal Election.

This site is here to inform you about why I am standing as a candidate for the Federal Senate on behalf of Queenslanders and to provide readers with an outline of my views on issues of significance.

I hope that if you have any comments, ideas or questions you will use this site to alert me to them. Please be assured, I AM LISTENING.

I want to contribute to the Senate remaining a strong house of review so that whoever is in government cannot ignore the wishes of ordinary Australians.

I believe that I can be a strong voice for ordinary Australians and pledge integrity and transparency to you.  Please consider me when you make your vote.

Michael Kaff

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