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Human beings need to be productive. In modern society, for most of us, that means having a job for which we have appropriate skills and that also offers us some stimulation and challenge and the opportunity to advance our careers.

Most of us also work, of course, because we need to earn enough money to pay for shelter, food, clothes, education, health and the other requisites we regard as necessary for a reasonable life.

Providing sufficient opportunities for all people to be gainfully employed, start their own business or in some way give back to society, is extremely important. At the same time, it is necessary to recognise that life should not be about work alone. We need other activities in our life and even “non-activities” such as rest, to ensure balance and well-being.

There are those who do not aspire to reach high career levels or attain large material wealth. For some, their focus is more about how they can contribute to society as a whole or assisting others within who have particular disadvantage. Therefore we need a flexible approach to how we see work as a part of society as well as how individual employers and employees engage with one another in a fair and equitable way.

Flexibility, innovation and equal opportunity are the hallmarks of a productive, cohesive and fair society. We should all be open to giving a helping hand to those who are looking to better themselves and give back.

When I was starting out in my tax practice, a practitioner gave me such an opportunity by allowing me to utilise his office facilities to build my own business, whilst working for him. I have since given others the same opportunity so others could to grow and evolve.

Looking after one another is the right thing to do and I encourage everyone who is in a position to help those learning, growing, evolving or struggling in any way they can.

Together we can help each other grow as individuals and therefore as a supportive, respectful, healthy and, dare I say, happy society.

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Education and Training


We all learn, most readily in our first few years of life. The early childhood and childhood years are extremely important times in any person’s life and can have a major effect on how that person will manage their life as they grow and develop.

It is said that the first 7 years will determine the type of person you will be for the rest of your life.

We don’t stop learning. Life-long learning and life experience can be as important, if not more important, than TAFE/college qualifications or university degrees. Learning can be accomplished by interaction with another, in a classroom or other mode or it can also be self-managed, by home schooling, distance education or a mixture of the above.

Learning starts at home, then proceeds to school, then into the "real world" where life skills are learned, not always the easy way.

I always think of leaving school as having earned your "L" plates and it is then that real learning begins.

When we speak of education and training, we should consider our life-long learning needs and put in place the necessary infrastructure and support that will maximise opportunity for all, at all times in our lives.

We should also consider a full education, including all the important elements that will help us to survive in the wilds of the workforce. STEAM - Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics. Yes, the Arts are as important to our learning and specifically our culture, as any of the the other STEM subjects.

You can add the all-important life skills into the mix as well, so that our young adults will be better prepared for survival when leaving home and not just have the academic knowledge to get a job.


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The Arts


“The Arts” has varied meaning for different people. To some, it suggests activities and forms of expression that are “high-brow” and too difficult for the average person to appreciate, as well as often too costly for them to afford. To others, the Arts involve all forms of creative expression and include the activities of the amateur potter or playwright through to the most exceptional of painters, poets, singers, actors and the like.

In my view, the Arts are for everyone and are essential because they shine a light on humanity and the joys and despairs of life itself. Art infuses our society at all levels and is not just about entertainment but affects the aesthetics of industrial design, architecture, urban planning and every other aspects of our society.

The Arts should and must form part of our education and help to raise the creativity and culture of our society.

You see, the Arts are not just a form of weekend entertainment. The Arts are the basis for who we are as humans, our culture, our entertainment, our means of expression, our solace in times of struggle and misfortune, our inspiration and so much more.

When we examine our history and various civilisations, the Arts stands out as a means to gaining insight into the peoples of the past, their behaviours, beliefs, life-style and culture. The Arts have obviously been an essential part of our history and evolution, so why do governments give the Arts such a low priority when they allocate funds and resources?

The Arts can help to heal, nurture and grow a balanced and productive society. So don't the Arts deserve to be a priority for government and not just an after thought?

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