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Crime and Punishment


Few of us would reject the notion that we need to impose on members of society some rules regarding how we behave together and what is considered acceptable and what is not.

At the same time, we need to be careful of continuing practices that have already been shown to fail, such as locking up people for minor crimes at a young age, which could lead them to become hardened and less respectful to society.

We need also to consider the reasons and conditions which have contributed to and created the bad behaviour of some citizens. If we only deal with the final behaviours and not the underlying social and emotional issues then we are unlikely to achieve any real improvement in society. Treating the symptoms and not the causes will inevitably lead to crowded cells and a segregated society.

Of course those who commit crimes need to be punished, but they also need to be rehabilitated before their behaviour and attitude worsens. There are many support workers doing just that but as crime rates grow and offenders repeat their illegal activities, we must ensure that training and rehabilitation resources are increased and that they target the individuals in an effective way.

A dollar spent now curing the disease will save many dollars later, dealing with the symptoms.

Also, denying someone of their freedom alone as punishment, is not enough. They must face the circumstances that they have caused be be made to make retribution for their deeds and help to undue the damage they have caused, where possible.


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