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Small Business and Start-ups


Individual initiative and the willingness to “give it a go” has long been a characteristic of Australian society. In more recent times, one could be forgiven for not recognising this for the media tend to focus far more on negative behaviours than on positive ones. I guess this is easier to report and grabs more headlines.

I admire and relish the efforts of those who will build up an enterprise for themselves, whether it be a single person operation or one employing others. Small business people could well be said to provide the commercial backbone to our community and they deserve fair treatment and appropriate incentives to assist them to succeed.

I will support measures that assist the small business community and recognise its importance to Australia’s health and prosperity such as tax free income for the first year and reduced tax in year 2.

Start-ups need a helping hand. Giving incentives and the opportunity to grow without initial tax burdens is but one way to increase their chances of success.

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