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Age Discrimination – A valuable resources under-valued!


Research has found that mature-aged workers actually stay in a new job longer than younger workers. Older workers are more loyal and dedicated because they want to be there, often until they retire...whenever that may be. Of course there are exceptions but in my experience as a Baby Boomer job seeker trainer, business owner and Business Trainer/Mentor, I know that older workers can be relied upon and will put in 100%. They also have little time for office politics or gossip and bring a wealth of knowledge and experience. The Robert De Niro movie, The Intern, is a perfect example. www.mkaff.net

After taking redundancy at 45, educated professional Viktoria Rother was sure she'd find full-time work.

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Donations are starting to roll in….let’s keep the momentum going!


Fantastic news, donations are coming in...$620 so far..but more is needed if we are to be heard and make a real difference!

Please go to the front page of www.mkaff.net and DONATE what you can to help me support Small Business and Entrepreneurs, Disability Industries, Culture and Arts Industries, Baby Boomers and Retirees, Youth Employment and so much more.

We need at least $2,000 before 25th May just to cover the Senate nomination fee.

All donations are tax deductible.

Let's have that truly Independent Voice in the Federal Senate that looks after people and Industries that are not even mentioned as part of the election hype and those without a voice.

Thank you all so much for your support.


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Welcome – Thank you for visiting.



I’m Michael Kaff and I am an independent candidate for the Federal Senate, on behalf of Queensland, in the next Federal Election.

This site is here to inform you about why I am standing as a candidate for the Federal Senate on behalf of Queenslanders and to provide readers with an outline of my views on issues of significance.

I hope that if you have any comments, ideas or questions you will use this site to alert me to them. Please be assured, I AM LISTENING.

I want to contribute to the Senate remaining a strong house of review so that whoever is in government cannot ignore the wishes of ordinary Australians.

I believe that I can be a strong voice for ordinary Australians and pledge integrity and transparency to you.  Please consider me when you make your vote.

Michael Kaff

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