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Have you checked out the Foxtel Arts Channel 132 as yet?


The positive effects of the Arts is immense. The flow-on effects for the economy, our culture, our well-being as a society, for creativity, innovation and invention are immeasurable.

We should not only support the Arts, we should be downright angry that the Arts, which is a fundamental part of our very existence, is diminished by government and relegated down to a place where it is regarded as some sort of inconvenient annoyance that must get at least some funding to keep the artists happy!

We must support the Arts and help them to become self-supporting enterprises, where possible, that employ gifted Australians and others.

The gifts we all receive from the Arts, in many forms every day, need to be reflected back so that the Arts can flourish and grow. We all love music, movies, live performances, galleries, exhibitions, craft, stories, poems etc., but these endeavours and activities cannot survive without us, the people. They are a gift to us all and we must give back.

See the "Culture and The Arts" page for more on this topic at www.mkaff.net

Let's get that Independent voice into parliament that will stand up for the Arts. The Independent voice that is not subject to manipulation, influence, party politics or coercion.

Let's get our voice, Michael Kaff, into the Federal Senate on 2nd July.

Michael is running as an Independent Queensland Senate candidate but as such will be representing the Arts for all Australians.


The Foxtel Arts channel 132 exhibits Art in all its forms. I commend this channel to every artist, performer, creative, audience member or anyone with an interest in the Arts. Well worth visiting on Foxtel.



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Arts workers should be angry about funding cuts – we can’t work harder for less | Culture | The Guardian


Defiance may seem heroic but running full programs with insufficient funding is a risky business. And the burden will fall on the workers

Source: Arts workers should be angry about funding cuts – we can't work harder for less

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Brandis begets a Bloodbath in the Arts


The Arts provide one of the most important and significant ways through which people pass on culture, share stories of triumph and disaster, offer new ideas and attitudes, expose falsities and injustices, explore and develop creativity, beautify the world, communicate thoughts, ideas and inner most feelings. Arts provide entertainment as well as mind soothing and mind expanding experiences and escapism.

I am sure that you could add to that list, for the Arts are, in various ways, integrated into the very fabric of every community and society.

Sadly, in Australia in recent years, funding and promotion of the Arts has suffered and the interference of government in dictating what and how the Arts should be funded has increased.  Most recently there have been attacks on the Australian Arts Council funding and independence by both the Abbott and Turnbull governments, in particular the decisions and actions of the previous Arts Minister, George Brandis, the very minister who ought to have ensured a thriving of the Arts and equity across the sector.

George Brandis will be contesting the Queensland Senate election for the Coalition.

I will also be contesting the Queensland Senate election, but as a true Independent and advocate for the Arts, Arts independence and Arts funding.

The following piece from the Daily Review summarises the impact of the changes introduced by George Brandis.

Source: Editorial: Brandis begets a Bloodbath in the arts | Daily Review: Film, stage and music reviews, interviews and more.

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