• condo | Nov 13,2017

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  • Joseph Blough | Jun 28,2016

    Malcolm Turnbull’s arrogance over minor parties and independents:

    This is why we *need* independents. The arrogance of both major parties is extraordinary and our preferential voting system means that large and significant segments of opinion are *not* represented in our parliament. We badly need elecoral change but no one is mentioning that in this campaign. The major parties voted for the last changes with the intent that it would destroy the minor party vote and the contention that minor parties and independents interfere with the smooth running of government. In actual fact, Juiia Gillard’s governnment, working with a “hung” parliament and negotiation with independents and minor parties, enacted more legislation than any other government ever has in this country.

    I wish you well in this election. We NEED more independents, especialy those such as yourself who will speak out clearly and honestly about their views.

    • Michael Kaff | Sep 29,2016

      Hi Joseph.

      I’m not sure what went wrong but I didn’t receive your message when it was posted…Please accept my sincere apologies for not responding at the time.

      With the election done and dusted and minority parties dominating the Senate decisions we will have interesting times ahead.

      We can only hope that the Minor Party elected representatives have what it takes to truly represent their electorates and indeed the country as a whole in a dignified, common-sense, intelligent, proactive and constructive manner. From what I’ve seen so far, well, let’s just say that the jury is out on that one.

      Thank you again for your best wishes and I now embark on a campaign to raise awareness, support and funds so as to represent the Queensland electorate at the 2019 electoration or whenever the next election may occur.

      Kind regards and again my sincere apologies for not responding earlier,


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