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Innovation can’t happen without the Arts
by Michael Kaff
Independent Senate Candidate for Gold Coast and Queensland

The Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, wants a more “innovative Australia” and for the economy to grow and blossom so that we can provide a better life for all.

I totally share that view. A growing, successful Australia is better for everyone.

But hold on, where is all this so called “innovation” going to come from? Will it suddenly appear? Will people suddenly have new ideas? Will the light bulb suddenly go on because Malcolm wishes it? Of course not!

Innovation means that we don’t just keep doing what we always did. If we do, we will keep getting what we always got and we will never progress or grow.

(Based on an inspired expression, the origin of which is uncertain)

Innovation grows from ideas which in turn grow from creativity and imagination. To be creative you must be open to inspiration and insight. It won’t just happen by itself. If you have “intent” and focus then “inspiration” comes to you, often from the most unlikely of places. In fact, it can come from anywhere and everywhere…if you’re open to it.

This happens to me all the time. It amazes me how ideas, inspiration and insight just seem to “appear” in my thoughts when I’m focussed on an outcome…and not always at the most convenient times, I must say! J

The inspiration for this very piece just “came to me” just before I wrote it, out of nowhere!

So how can we gain such inspiration, insight and create innovation?

One powerful way is through the Arts.

The Arts help us to free up our minds and think “outside of the box”, meaning, think differently, laterally and…dare I say it…creatively. This can be achieved through painting, drawing, colouring, playing or listening to music, singing, writing (in its many forms), to name but a few.

Any creative Arts activity, that takes your conscious mind off the “now”, can help to free you up to receive inspiration and ideas.

The Arts also helps us to release our mental inhibitions and limitations so as to enhance the creative process. You’ve seen people throwing colours in the Hindu Holy festival, taking the microphone at Karaoke to sing their favourite song or dancing uninhibited at protests to get a point across….and they’re all smiling and laughing, are they not? They are relaxed and “released” because of the Arts.

The Arts helps to distract the conscious mind, which then allows the sub-conscious mind, to tap into the creative juices of the brain and soul.

“The Arts help us to free up our minds and think “outside of the box”, meaning, think differently, laterally and…dare I say it…creatively”

Once it is open, free of forethought, free of day-to-day concerns and pre-occupation, the mind is then able to receive or “channel” new thoughts and ideas. Sometimes this inspiration arrives at a sub-conscious level first and other times it channels straight to your conscious thoughts.

So the bottom line is, if we want an innovative society with happy, healthy people, we must proactively encourage and support individuals to partake of the Arts. Who knows what wonderful discoveries they can make?

To do this we must also demonstrate and convince Mr Turnbull, governments of all levels and industry of the massive and essential underlying social and economic benefits that the Arts can produce.

If the government comes on board and embraces the Arts, Mr Turnbull can have the innovative Australia that he so desperately seeks and that we so desperately need.