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Interview with Mike Bennett (101FM Logan central) – 14th March, 2018



I had a wonderful interview with Mike Bennett from 101FM Logan central. The interview is a mixture of the funny and the serious. I hope you find it entertaining and informative.

  • We started with some fun things including our check shirts, the M1 ridiculous northern Gold Coast street light signage and a Married at First Sight up date.
  • then we moved onto the very serious and personal matter of Gold Health Cards for all military veterans who have been involved in active service.
  • Later we discussed the introduction of Lie Detectors to all courts and hearings, where you swear to tell the truth.

Regarding the Gold Health Cards, please note that the 3 kinds of cards are Gold, White and Orange. I incorrectly labelled one of the cards the wrong colour during the interview.




Radio Interview with Mike Bennett (101FM Logan City) 2nd October 2017


Here is a recent Radio interview with Mike Bennett, covering what it's like to run for an election and Baby Boomer employment issues.

There are so many issues we could have discussed, but when you only have 10 minutes or so, you have to be selective.


Support for Disabled and Older Workers – Report!


Here is a quick and very easy to read summary of a current report into Disability and Older Workers in the workplace, from the Human Rights Commission.

Most importantly it includes recommendations at to what each stakeholder, including government and employers, can do to improve the employment situation for the Disabled and Older Workers.

This is an area very close to my heart and one which I wholeheartedly support.

If this interests you, please take the time to read this excellent summary of what is wrong with the employment system for these and other groups.


Supporting local Aboriginal Artist


My Shelley and I attended an Art exhibition by Phillip Collins, a wonderful Aboriginal Artist, at Kingscliff, Northern NSW.

He also just happens to be one of my Business students.

A very nice, humble and extremely talented man.

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My comments on the additional NEIS places for youth unemployed


Below is an article from the on-line Small Business site Smart Company. The second half shows my comments, following an interview regarding the Minister's announcement


Government adds 2300 new places to New Enterprise Incentive Scheme to support young entrepreneurs

Michael McCormack

The federal government has made an additional 2300 places available to new business owners under its New Enterprise Incentive Scheme (NEIS).

In the 2016 budget the federal government pledged to invest more in the scheme and said at the time that an expanded NEIS program would come into effect from December 2016. The aim was to bring the total number of places available in the scheme to 8600 — something that Small Business Minister Michael McCormack says the government achieved last week.

The NEIS offers support and training for new small business owners and young people who “want to be their own boss”.

Support offered through the program includes mentoring, accredited training, and even income support where eligible.

The scheme is intended to make it easier for young job seekers to pursue a life as a small business owner, with a number of “Being Your Own Boss” workshops running each year as a part of the NEIS.

Last May, the government said the planned expansion of the NEIS would cost $89 million over four years, and Minister McCormack said in a statement last week the changes will offer “practical” assistance for entrepreneurial jobseekers.

“This announcement will help those who want to have a go with practical skills they can use in small business and long-term assistance to see their dreams become a reality,” McCormack said.

“As I travel across Australia meeting small businesspeople inside their operations, I have met a number of young people who have the energy and determination to make a success of their small business.”

“These are the people who create the jobs and opportunities for Australians which our communities and our economy needs.”

NEIS a good start, but better financing options needed

Michael Kaff, a former small business owner who ran as an independent Senate candidate for the Gold Coast at the 2016 election, told SmartCompany he supports the NEIS scheme but believes some changes should be made to make it more helpful to young job seekers. Kaff ran his own business until he sold it in the 1990s and says he’s has seen both sides of the NEIS system.

“I have been through NEIS and I’ve taught on NEIS, so I’ve seen it from both sides,” Kaff says.

“Anything, where the government is helping more people to start their own business, is a good thing.”

Kaff believes the period of time where the government provides income support is not enough, noting it takes “a good year to get a business up and running”, and thinks the income support period should be stretched from 39 to 52 weeks.

An increase in the period where job seekers are ineligible to go on NEIS after having used it once would be welcomed, says Kaff. Currently, that time period is three years.

“I’ve seen some people go on the program every three years with a new business, so some people take advantage of the scheme. I think we need a longer period before people are able to go back on NEIS,” he says.

While Kaff believes the government can “never have enough” support for new business owners, he welcomes the increase to 8600 NEIS places, calling it a “good start”.

While the program does a good job of educating young business owners, Kaff says he’d support better business financing through the scheme.

“NEIS does a good job but it doesn’t help them at all with business financing. They get the initial training, then they’re just let loose,” he says.

“If you don’t have initial funding, where’s the money going to come from? The government should provide them with a low interest or no interest loan to finance the business. Additionally, once the business is up and running it should pay no tax on its first year income, and in the second year low tax.”

SmartCompany contacted Minister McCormack’s office for further information but did not receive a response prior to publication.

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Dominic Powell is a journalist at SmartCompany and a tech and music geek. When he’s not writing, you can find him reading or browsing record shops.

Donald Trump and China – Friends or foes???


Interesting times Internationally, for sure!

It's always good to be able to transfer skills gained to new endeavours. Donald Trump has huge experience in business, management and leadership, which he gained whilst building his massive empire and which hold him in good stead. You don't become a billionaire by accident.

Trouble is, when you become leader of the free world, your decisions and actions don't simply affect your business interests. They have far reaching effects on billions of lives, literally.

Business decisions rarely have fatal consequences, but political decisions certainly can. I am troubled that "The Donald" is so quick to react with emotion (Usually on Twitter), on matters for which he has neither the international experience or insight and without consideration of the far reaching repercussions.

Sure, it's a good thing to shake up the status quo, as long as it will benefit humanity in general. But there are 100's of years, or more, of history here which cannot simply be ignored or swept aside in the moment, on a whim.

I have said that Donald Trump will bring overdue, unconventional change, which is a good thing. The status quo does need a shakeup. I also said, "as long as he doesn't do anything stupid".

Time will tell if he does!

Latest radio interview with Mike Bennett at 101FM Logan on 21st November 2016


Had a fun and informative interview with my now-good friend Mike Bennett on 21st November, 2016.

We covered emergency services, schoolies, Donald Trump and my own future in politics, not in that order.

Have a watch below:



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I attended the Gold Coast premier of "Hard to Believe" documentary last night (12th August 2016).

It looks at illegal and forced organ harvesting in China of the peaceful Falun Dafa (Falun Gong) members.

Their only alleged "crime" is to be part of a 100 million strong group who promote, peace, harmony and love and practise meditation and nurturing.

The Chinese Government sees them a a threat for some reason, so they incarcerate, abuse and torture members before they forceably remove their organs, cornea etc.

Many are shot beforehand but some are still alive when the operations take place.

Unthinkable violation of human rights and decency.

I strongly recommend that you gain a copy of "Hard to Believe" or go to a screening.

It is not graphic and has no medical footage or pictures. It is a documentary with interviews and some vision of public abductions.

Below is a post "Hard to Believe" interview with attendees including me.

China is our biggest trading partner and the Australian government is aware of this atrocity.

See below and attached information for more details.

The Movie -

The Epoch Times - or

Weekly publication - Epoch Weekly

Below are images of an address I gave to a meeting of Gold Coast Falun Dafa members prior to the 2016 election. I was one of 8 candidates addressing the meeting, including the Greens, Labor and Independents. (The lady on my left in red was not in fact a candidate. Hers was the last seat available. She was a tad embarrassed)

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Check out the “Michael Kaff for the Senate” Facebook feed for articles and updates.


Hi everyone

I'm glad you're here checking out my webpage, but for up to date and continuous articles, opinions and insights, please checkout the feed from my Facebook page "Michael Kaff for the Senate". You will find a link on the front page - "FB FEED"

Now that the 2016 election is over, I'm looking forward towards the 2019 (or earlier) election.

I want YOUR opinions and insights. I want to know what YOU think so that I can be your voice.

It doesn't matter where you live, or whether you would be eligible to vote for me, I want to hear from you.
Let me know what you want me to add, change or include in my website  and "Michael Kaff for the Senate" Facebook page, so that I can do a better job for you.

Let me know about functions, conferences, meetings etc. which I can attend and to which I can contribute or speak.

Let me know if you want to be part of this ambitious project and take on a voluntary role to help put a Gold Coast and Queensland Independent in the Federal Senate.

Please share this website and my Facebook page. Share the videos and information on this site and on the FB page.

Let's get the ball rolling so that we can build a presence and reputation that will put us in a powerful position to make a real difference next time around.

We need to increase exposure to Michael Kaff's goals of being the political representative for the many industries and groups outlined the policy platforms on this site, as well as the many others who need to be heard...and we need to start NOW!

We can do this...together!

Thank you,


Still no Gold Coast Senator?


Queensland and Gold Coast's Independent Senate voice in Canberra, is still way over due!

Following the 2016 Federal election we still don't have a Gold Coast Senator, unless Murray Watt (Labor) keeps his promise from 2015 and moves to the Gold Coast. Not exactly the "local" representation we need.

The Gold Coast is the 6th largest Australian city and deserves its own local Senator in Federal Parliament.

As you know I ran as an Independent Senate Candidate at the 2016 federal election and intend to continue my journey towards the Federal Senate at the next election.


My job has only just begun.

I will continue to support people in their growth and development and to ensure that the government keeps its promises! I can only do that from within Parliament.

All my life I have helped guide people and businesses to follow their dreams and find success, happiness and security by doing what they love. I want to use that experience and expand my efforts to help more people using the federal political process.

I want people to, not only succeed, but excel, particularly in Small Business and start-ups, Disability enterprises, Arts & Culture industries, Baby Boomers, Education and Training, Youth, Employment and Entrepreneurship.

"You are defined by your actions and not by what you say or what you do for a living"