Donald Trump and China - Friends or foes???

Donald Trump and China – Friends or foes???


Interesting times Internationally, for sure!

It's always good to be able to transfer skills gained to new endeavours. Donald Trump has huge experience in business, management and leadership, which he gained whilst building his massive empire and which hold him in good stead. You don't become a billionaire by accident.

Trouble is, when you become leader of the free world, your decisions and actions don't simply affect your business interests. They have far reaching effects on billions of lives, literally.

Business decisions rarely have fatal consequences, but political decisions certainly can. I am troubled that "The Donald" is so quick to react with emotion (Usually on Twitter), on matters for which he has neither the international experience or insight and without consideration of the far reaching repercussions.

Sure, it's a good thing to shake up the status quo, as long as it will benefit humanity in general. But there are 100's of years, or more, of history here which cannot simply be ignored or swept aside in the moment, on a whim.

I have said that Donald Trump will bring overdue, unconventional change, which is a good thing. The status quo does need a shakeup. I also said, "as long as he doesn't do anything stupid".

Time will tell if he does!

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