Check out the "Michael Kaff for the Senate" Facebook feed for articles and updates.

Check out the “Michael Kaff for the Senate” Facebook feed for articles and updates.


Hi everyone

I'm glad you're here checking out my webpage, but for up to date and continuous articles, opinions and insights, please checkout the feed from my Facebook page "Michael Kaff for the Senate". You will find a link on the front page - "FB FEED"

Now that the 2016 election is over, I'm looking forward towards the 2019 (or earlier) election.

I want YOUR opinions and insights. I want to know what YOU think so that I can be your voice.

It doesn't matter where you live, or whether you would be eligible to vote for me, I want to hear from you.
Let me know what you want me to add, change or include in my website  and "Michael Kaff for the Senate" Facebook page, so that I can do a better job for you.

Let me know about functions, conferences, meetings etc. which I can attend and to which I can contribute or speak.

Let me know if you want to be part of this ambitious project and take on a voluntary role to help put a Gold Coast and Queensland Independent in the Federal Senate.

Please share this website and my Facebook page. Share the videos and information on this site and on the FB page.

Let's get the ball rolling so that we can build a presence and reputation that will put us in a powerful position to make a real difference next time around.

We need to increase exposure to Michael Kaff's goals of being the political representative for the many industries and groups outlined the policy platforms on this site, as well as the many others who need to be heard...and we need to start NOW!

We can do this...together!

Thank you,


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