Still no Gold Coast Senator?

Still no Gold Coast Senator?


Queensland and Gold Coast's Independent Senate voice in Canberra, is still way over due!

Following the 2016 Federal election we still don't have a Gold Coast Senator, unless Murray Watt (Labor) keeps his promise from 2015 and moves to the Gold Coast. Not exactly the "local" representation we need.

The Gold Coast is the 6th largest Australian city and deserves its own local Senator in Federal Parliament.

As you know I ran as an Independent Senate Candidate at the 2016 federal election and intend to continue my journey towards the Federal Senate at the next election.


My job has only just begun.

I will continue to support people in their growth and development and to ensure that the government keeps its promises! I can only do that from within Parliament.

All my life I have helped guide people and businesses to follow their dreams and find success, happiness and security by doing what they love. I want to use that experience and expand my efforts to help more people using the federal political process.

I want people to, not only succeed, but excel, particularly in Small Business and start-ups, Disability enterprises, Arts & Culture industries, Baby Boomers, Education and Training, Youth, Employment and Entrepreneurship.

"You are defined by your actions and not by what you say or what you do for a living"

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