Michael's run as an INDEPENDENT for the Senate in 2016 is over

Michael’s run as an INDEPENDENT for the Senate in 2016 is over


It's official...My run as an INDEPENDENT for the Senate in 2016 is over.

In fact, NO INDEPENDENT came close to winning a seat in Queensland or Australia for that matter. If you're not in a Party, forget it.

"Below the Line" Independent Candidates in Queensland (Not in a Party) only managed to gain .14% of the vote. That's 14/100s of one percent. Not very good, huh?

This is surprising, considering the backlash against the major Parties.

There are many reasons for this:

* INDEPENDENTS were only listed "Below the Line" under their personal names, no Party name.

* People found it too hard to vote for 12 individuals (who they did not know) "Below the Line" and instead voted for 6 familiar Party names "Above the Line".

* INDEPENDENTS, not Grouped with a Party or others (Ungrouped), occupied the last 2 columns of the metre wide Senate ballot paper and often could not be found because the paper had to be folded to fit into the booth, so they went unnoticed.

* Officials at polling booths were heard telling confused voters to "Just vote for 6 above the line", thereby excluding all Independents.

* INDEPENDENTS received basically NO mainstream media coverage, hence it was virtually impossible to get known.

* You had to be outrageous or a "celebrity" candidate like Pauline Hansen (Qld) or Derryn Hinch (Victoria) to get any media.

* Each of the successful small candidates formed their own Party and were listed "above the line". Individuals, such as myself, were listed "below the line" in the last two columns.

* The mainstream media attention that INDEPENDENTS did receive basically mocked the candidates and made them look like idiots. Who'd vote for that?

As for my campaign, I had great success in many areas, regardless of the vote:

* My "Send Michael Kaff to the Senate" FB page reached some 150,000 people, including overseas.

* My videos were viewed by some 25,000 people.

* I gained votes from all over Queensland, in small numbers, so my reach was there.

* Individuals were passionate and determined to vote for me and confirmed their votes afterwards.

* I had a Small Business policy article in the Age, Brisbane Times and Sydney Morning Herals (half page).

* I had an article in the on-line e-newsletter and FB page of Smart Company.

* I spoke to various groups for Small Business, oppressed Chinese nationals, etc and gained support there.

* I reached other groups via FB, who also supported my efforts.

* There were many questions, surveys and e-mails from groups and individuals via e-mail which were positive.

* I had a Candidate profile on a Sunshine Coast community page and Meet the Candidate page.

* Forgot to add that my website www.mkaff.net was archived by the Queensland Library for future reference. Quite an honour!

My sincere and deep felt thank you to everyone who supported me, voted for me and encouraged me. It was overwhelming and spurred me on at times when I felt it was a lost cause. Yes, I had my moments!

The experience has opened my mind and heart and changed me forever. My world is now so much bigger and petty issues are now so much smaller.

This is only the beginning of my determination to get elected, represent those without a voice and help to make a real difference.

Onward and upward...


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