Michael Kaff, for everyone!

Michael Kaff, for everyone!


To everyone I know please choose this guy for the senate, he is a very caring, honest and reliable independent who deserves the chance to prove his worth for all of us.
We all bemoan our pollies but here we have a real candidate that with actually do good things.
When you vote, he is on the far right under independent and is quite frankly the best alternative to the normal bunch of idiots we have to put up with.
Michael Kaff is one of those people that when you meet him you know he is destined to go places. In the time I have known him I have always found him to be concerned for others and there welfare.
When elected he will look after all the people and do what right and needed not what the "party" wants. He will always act honourably and with the integrity we demand of our elected officials but rarely get.


  • Carol da Costa-Roque | Jul 1,2016

    Dear Mr Kaff,
    I think your proposal of a Gold Card for every veteran is WONDERFUL.
    I would also like to know whether you would be a STRONG advocate for people with mental health problems AND /OR ensure that Community Friends, run by a full time Nursing Manager with not ONE cent from ANY Government, could get funding. Mark organises fresh food, etc, and with other volunteers feeds nearly 500 homeless or marginalised people from ALL around Brisbane, at West End.

    • Michael Kaff | Oct 6,2016

      Hello Carol

      I am so sorry for not replying to your message but for some reason it did not come through to me.

      If you read my policies and Facebook feed you will see that I am a huge supporter of the disability sector. My partner is a disability specialist and ex-carer and we both have people with disabilities in our families.

      Community Friends looks like an amazing initiative and undertaking. Initiatives such as these should be part of the NDIS funding, without question. The service is vital for the nurturing and care of those with disabilities and I would certainly support and promote it receiving government funding.

      The disability sector did not feature at the last election, nor did older workers and other vulnerable areas. It saddens me that only “popular” areas received support and publicity and should I be elected to the Senate, I would ensure that this changed and those most in need received the support they so very desperately deserve.

      Again I thank you for your message and again apologise deeply for not replying earlier.

      Sincere regards,