As an Independent Senator I will not be bound to vote for policy imposed by any fixed Party policy, pressure groups or factions. My intention is to represent what I consider to be in the best interests of Gold Coasters and Queenslanders.

On this site you will find, in brief, the stance I have now on issues that appear to concern all Australians but particularly Queenslanders.

Please understand that because I intend to LISTEN with an open mind to as wide a cross-section of the community as I can, I do expect that, on some issues, I may be persuaded that an alternative stance is more appropriate than the one I have now.

Also, as situations change and if the present policies become inadequate or are no longer applicable or appropriate I will consider the options available.

I will constantly seek your input and feedback as I am here to represent you and use this input to form positions and make decisions that best serve the electorate of Queensland and Australia as a whole.

If I do take a significant or alternative view on any issue, that new stance and reasoning will be reflected here.

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